Aurora, Nova and Ollie ♡♡♡

During the year of 2016 I volunteered at Cheetah Experience on weekends and just absolutely fell in love with this amazing place, people and animals. Fast forward to this year I am volunteering fulltime at Cheetah Experience.  That is the reason I’m spending my time here during my gap year. The experience and special moments you gain from this place is something you cannot describe in words.

To name but one one of these special moments, is when I visit the two leopards girls, Aurora and Nova, and a caracal boy named Ollie. I make sure to visit them everyday before the day is over.

When I go in with them , Aurora will always come and sit on my lap and cuddle . Nova usually come up and give about two kisses and then just lay down by your feet and will come up to cuddle for 2 seconds . Ollie is a caracal but he doesn’t know he is not a leopard. He loves to say hello while his tail is swirling in the air, if the 2 girls is not around to pounce on him to play.

All of them were about 10 months old when I first met them and now they are already 2 years old and having the chance of seeing them grow up  is amazing.

Cheetah Experience is truly a place that goes by their saying : ” A project driven by love “.


The purrrfect start to the day :)

It’s 9:00A.M on a Tuesday and the dry, hot sun of South Africa has already started to beam down on us. Vibrant blue skies visible for miles without a single cloud in the sky. A slight breeze brushes through the fences and trees surrounding the area; the perfect breeze that cools your skin as the sun shines down. The sounds of the birds, bees, flies, and the occasional roar from Acinonyx fills your ears. But the sound filling my ears is the purrs of Alpha, Ava, and Anya.
Three beautiful cheetah cubs. Three cubs that bring a smile to your face because when you look at them, you can see innocence. Each having their own unique personalities, and even having differences of their own. Ava having a white spot on her tail to Anya with a slightly bushier tail to Alpha being larger than the other two.
Nothing in this world beats the feeling of when a cheetah cub walks right up to you, puts their nose to yours, plops right down next to you and starts to purr.


Our 2nd home!

We have been volunteers since 2014 after seeing a friends photos. Since then Cheetah Experience captured our hearts.

This is our 3rd visit here and although the main work that we do remains the same, each and every visit is different.

Our chores start early each day, we clean pens, poop scoop and clean lots of bowls but who could complain when its all for the benefit of these wonderful animals.

You get lots of animal time to go and relax with the different animals in between the daily chores and group activities.

You could be babysitting the younger animals, or sleeping out underneath the stars, but each and every experience is an amazing experience.

The love  and dedication of the staff and volunteers is clear to see – the animals are put first in every single instance.

You soon become attached to the animals, our favorites are Faith – who we met on our very first visit, a very sweet cheetah  with a wobbly walk and a curly tail as she had meningitis as a cub. Then there is James, a very handsome boy, we helped secure his future at Cheetah Experience and he has become part of the Goose family forever more. Fiona a very stunning leopard who we only met for the first time this year, we quickly formed a bond, the greetings when we call her over are adorable.

Wether you are young, or mature like us, there is a place for you here at Cheetah Experience. Regardless of wether you are volunteering for a week, or 4, it will never be long enough!

Come to Cheetah Experience, and we guarantee that you will fall in love with all the residents!

Ron and Linda Goose (and James Goose purrs along)


Volunteering – My first week :)

I’ve been volunteering here at cheetah experience for almost one week now. I was so excited to come, even months before my journey started. Now that I’m here I must say, it is even better than I expected and I am already sad when I think about this time to end. Of course it is the animals which make every day unique. We get the chance to interact, play, talk and bond with them and it really makes my heart happy to see them enjoying it too.

Besides the big cats like the lions, cheetahs or leopads which are absolutely gorgeous, I found a really good buddy in the little meerkat called Zulu. He is so kind and always comes up to my arm, wrapping around and won’t let go. And then he will give me that satisfied look which I just fell for.

Besides that my favorite moment so far was when our lion Napoleon came to say hello this morning. These animals are such majestic creatures and most of the time you would only see them from distance. It was really breathtaking.

But of course I cannot forget to mention the staff and other volunteers here at CE. They are all awesome and you won’t feel lonely. Together even lifting a huge owl cage is lots of fun, just same as the other daily tasks. I really do appreciate my time here and and I will enjoy every day which will be coming.

Anna, Germany

Second time around :)


I arrived at Cheetah Experience one week ago. It’s my second time here and I was so excited to come back again. A lot has changed since last time: new enclosures, new animals, new tasks to do during the day, .. But what didn’t change is the love the staff and the volunteers give to the animals. No matter what you do, you always do it for the animals. Getting up early in the morning might be hard but it is still possible if you are looking forward to spend the whole day with beautiful and loving animals.

What I enjoy the most is taking care for the very small ones. Playing with them, watching them sleeping and listening to their different sounds always makes your day perfect. Generally spending time with animals makes every day the best day!

Jule – Germany

My Experience

I’m here for one week now and there is only one more week left. I heard about Cheetah Experience from my Girlfriend. She was here 2 years ago and wanted to come back. So i decided to join her.

In the beginning i was a bit sceptical but in the first 3 days i learned to love the animals you can interact with. I especially love the wolves since i’m a dog person and also wanted to study biology so i can learn more about them.

If you really like animals and you’re not afraid to work everyday this might be the place you want to be.

Siad – Germany

My Internship at Cheetah Experience

Internship at Cheetah Experience


I’m exactly halfway my internship at Cheetah Experience now. If you would ask me what I like the most about this place then I would say that being around all these rare, wild animals everyday is simply amazing. Especially the leopards and caracals, which you don’t see that often in the wild, are amazing.

As an intern I’ve being given the task of feeding the meerkats everyday in the morning and afternoon. I do this together with Merijn who is also an intern from my school and one of my best friends. We give them vegetables in the morning and a piece of meat in the afternoon. It’s a nice extra thing to do everyday and I enjoy it alot.

Because I’m in my last year of my bachelor programme I also have to write my bachelor’s thesis. I chose to write about the leopard. This turned out to be a good choice since I can use my own experience here for my writing. Another good thing is the fact that they train their leopards here. By using clickertraining they try to teach the animal to stand up so we can check the animal’s belly if it is sick. Most of the leopards already know how the training works, even our biggest leopard, Shrek. It’s amazing to see him putting his paw against the fence or opening his mouth so we can check his teeth. And he is really gentle when you give him his reward (small pieces of chicken) through the fence, he just takes them out of your hand.

It is amazing to experience these things and I wonder what kind of new things the other half of my internship will bring.